CyEPHA Governance

Assembly of Members

The Assembly of Members of the Association constitutes the supreme Body of the Association and decides on all matters of the Association, not falling under the competence of another Body.

The Assembly elects the members of the Governing Board (GB), appoints the account auditors of the Association for the approval of the balance sheet, and decides for the change of the scope of the Association, for the modification of the Constitution and for the dissolution of the Association.

The Assembly Members of the association has the responsibility of monitoring and evaluation of the members of the GB and is entitled for their termination if deemed necessary, according to specific procedures detailed in the Constitution.

The Assembly Members  convene once a year and extraordinarily whenever the GB deems it appropriate or at the request of at least one third of the members of the Association.

The Assembly is considered to be in quorum, when one half of the number of full members is present, plus one.

Below you can find our Constitution.

CyEPHA Constitution