CyEPHA Vision & Mission

Our vision is to improve, strengthen and promote Epidemiology and Public Health research, practice and policy in Cyprus, and thus, contribute to improving the health and well-being of our fellow citizens and addressing health inequalities within our society through a socio-ecological view of the Determinants of Population Health.
To achieve this vision, the overarching purpose of the CyEPHA is to strengthen Public Health action in the community for the benefit of all citizens in Cyprus, promote the continuous development of research in the field of Epidemiology and Public Health and reinforce the links between research-practice and policy. Strengthening the epidemiological scientific base is a basic condition for assessing community health needs, setting priorities and developing Public Health action through continuous and effective translation of research findings into the process of designing and re-designing measures, actions, programmes, policies and strategies in Public Health.
The aims of CyEPHA are:

  • to promote and further develop research in the field of Epidemiology and Public Health in Cyprus while shaping the research agenda to reflect the Public Health priorities and emerging needs
  • to facilitate and advance the appropriate conditions for the systematic adoption of evidence-based Public Health practices and policies through strengthening the links between research, and the research community, with the policy-making process and all stakeholders.
  • to cultivate and invest in Population Health Literacy through health education and public awareness-raising activities on Public Health issues among the wider community
  • to identify and provide opportunities for continuous professional development of Associations’ members as well as the wider community of health professionals in Cyprus within an interdisciplinary perspective of issues related to Epidemiology and Public Health
  • to build and sustain partnerships with academic institutions, research centers, other scientific associations and societies both Cyprus as well as internationally.

In this context, CyEPHA’s mission is to mobilize and activate a strong voice among the local Public Health network and wider society, in order to develop a collective and organized action in addressing the challenges in Public Health, including raising awareness among citizens and seeking a more active involvement, participation and engagement of the community in the planning and implementation of Public Health policies.

CyEPHA aspires to develop links and collaborations with key local stakeholders (governmental and non- governmental), while building bridges and creating networks with European and other global Public Health bodies, putting Cyprus firmly on the international Public Health map. The registration of CyEPHA as a full member in the European family of Public Health and its participation as a national body in the Governing Board of EUPHA is part of this broader effort.

In the wake of the biggest Health reform in our country (GeSY) in a post-COVID era, the Cyprus Epidemiology and Public Health Association also aspires to initiate a fruitful dialogue with all stakeholders and the wider community on the current state and shape of Public Health systems and infrastructure, and the need to strategically advance existing and/or develop new structures, services and roles and to further invest in a Public Health workforce with the necessary skills and competences, covering synergistically all Essential Public Health Operations both within clinical environments and primary health care but especially in community settings.